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What is the warranty for my mattress?

Our warranties have changed over the years, so it depends on when you purchased your mattress. Below you can find our warranty details depending on when you purchased your mattress.

Current Mattress Warranty

Previous Mattress Warranties

Tempur-Pedic® mattresses purchased prior to 9/2012 have a 20-year limited warranty, between 9/2012 and 3/2014 have a 25-year limited warranty, and from 3/2014 to current have a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects such as the TEMPUR-Material™ cracking/splitting or developing a 3/4" or greater depression or sag. However, it does not cover comfort issues.

If you believe that your power base has developed a defect, you may start a claim at the link below. 

Start Claim Here

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