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What is the 90-night trial period?

Mattresses purchased through Tempur-Pedic® directly online, by phone, or in a Tempur-Pedic® Flagship Store have a 90-night trial. The TEMPUR-ActiveBreeze® Smart Bed Sleep System is included in our 90-night Trial.


How it Works

1. Purchase a Tempur-Pedic® Mattress (online, by phone, or in a Tempur-Pedic® Flagship Store).

2. Utilizing our White Glove Delivery Service, we'll deliver your mattress and set it up in your home. 

3. We recommend trying out your new mattress for at least 30 days to allow it to soften to its true feel. A new Tempur-Pedic® mattress can feel firmer at first since you are the first to lie on the mattress, but over time, it will soften and adapt to your body's weight, shape, and temperature.

4. After sleeping on your mattress, if you're not happy in the first 90 days you are welcome to return or exchange your mattress.

5. You'll pay only a $175 (plus tax) return fee plus or minus any price difference on models if you choose to exchange. This fee is nonrefundable. 

6. You can view the full return policy here: Return Policy

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When does my 90-night trial begin?

Your 90-night trial for your new Tempur-Pedic® mattress begins on the day of delivery.

Is there a return fee if I return or exchange my mattress?

A return fee of $175 (plus tax) will apply if you choose to return or exchange your mattress within your 90-night trial. This return shipping fee is non-refundable.

I purchased my mattress at a retailer, am I eligible for the 90-night trial?

Unfortunately, the 90-night trial is only available for orders placed directly from Tempur-Pedic® online, Tempur-Pedic® Flagship Stores and from our direct-order telephone sales.

Is the 90-night trial only available for mattresses?

The 90-night trial is not valid on closeout mattresses, foundations, adjustable bases, comfort items, and other non-mattress products. The TEMPUR-ActiveBreeze® Smart Bed Sleep System is included in our 90-night Trial.

Would I pay an additional fee if I exchanged my mattress during my 90-night trial?

If you exchange for a different feel within the same mattress model, there could be a price difference, plus the added shipping fee. If you choose to upgrade to a more advanced model, you would pay the return shipping fee plus the difference in price. Should you choose to swap for a lower-priced model, you would be refunded the difference in cost minus the return shipping fee.

Am I still eligible to return my mattress, after my 90-night trial has ended?

Unfortunately, per our policy, we are unable to accept mattress returns past the 90-night trial.

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