If you haven’t started the checkout process or haven't submitted the order successfully, your order hasn’t been placed so there’s no need to cancel it. 

If you have recently placed your order and you wish to cancel or need to make a change, you may navigate to "Orders" by clicking on your name on tempurpedic.com within 2 hours of placing the order. If your order is still able to be canceled, you will see a "cancel" option there. You may click on the word "cancel" to cancel your order. If you do not see this button to cancel or are outside of this 2-hour window, your order is not able to be canceled or edited as the time window to do so is no longer available. 

  • We cannot cancel UPS orders after the 2-hour cancelation window

Please note that any offers applied to an order that has already been canceled will not apply to new orders once the offer expires.

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