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How do I clean a spill on my mattress?

If you spill liquid on your mattress, please take the following steps. We would like to note that because the mattress should never become wet, we can't promise that these steps will completely remove the stain or odor.

Step 1 - Use a towel or fabric to soak up additional liquid

Step 2 - Remove cover or spot treat

  • If your mattress has a removable cover, remove it and wash if washable
    • If washable, you may machine wash the cover with cold water and mild detergent. It can be laid flat to dry or tumble dried on low heat.
  • If your cover is not removable/washable, spot-treat the affected area and try to keep the mattress from getting more wet than it already is. Do not soak the area.

Step 3 - Let mattress air dry

  • Once excess moisture is removed, let the mattress air dry. To speed up the drying process, place a fan so that it blows on the mattress.

TEMPUR-Material™ should never become wet. We offer a special wet-safe cover to provide extra protection against liquid spills. You can find this protective cover here.

This process can be used for our mattresses, toppers, and pillows. TEMPUR-Material™ itself should never be soaked or washed, but covers may if they are removable and washable. Our products have tags that list if the cover may be washed or may describe what care it can have. 

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