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My promo code is not working, what can I do?

Here are some tips to consider if you are having trouble with a promotional code:

Code Not Valid

If you try to apply a promo code and it says it is not valid, that means the code is not able to be used. Check your code and make sure it is typed correctly!

Cart Does Not Qualify

If you receive a message stating the cart does not qualify for the discount code, check the terms of the code you are trying to use! It could be that you need a certain amount of items in your cart for it to apply or you may not have items in your cart that the promotional code can apply toward

Expired Code

Some codes do have a time limit/time frame in which they can be used. If your code has expired, the time period it was available for has since ended.

Code Used

If you receive a message saying the code has been used, it means that it was a one time use code that cannot be used more than once.

If you think you are receiving these messages by error, feel free to chat one of our live representatives or give us a call at 800-821-6621!

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