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What's the difference between purchasing online vs in-store?

Tempur-Pedic products are available for purchase through our many retail partners, or directly from Tempur-Pedic via our websites, phone, or in our company-owned Tempur-Pedic stores. You can feel confident purchasing our products from any authorized Tempur-Pedic retailer that you choose that is most convenient and comfortable for you.

When you shop directly at Tempur-Pedic, your products are automatically registered so you’ll receive important product updates — and your proof of purchase documents are automatically stored should you need them for a warranty claim in the future. If you purchase at an authorized retailer, we encourage you to keep your proof of purchase documents in a safe place in the event you have a warranty claim. You may also register your products online. Our authorized retailers may have different promotions and return policies, so we recommend reaching out to them directly for this information.

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