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How do I reprogram the buttons on my power base remote?

You can reprogram 4 settings on both the Ergo, Ergo Smart Base, and Ergo-Extend Smart Base. The ZERO G, TV in Bed, Anti-Snore, and Favorite 1 in bed presets can be re-programmed to any position chosen by the user.

Reprogramming Presets:

To reprogram the presets mentioned above, simply adjust the bed to the desired position, then hold any of the 4 buttons down until the remote backlight flashes twice. Once the backlight flashes twice, the button is now reprogrammed.

Restoring Presets:

To restore the buttons to their original positions, press down on the One-touch Flat and Zero-G buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. The remote backlight will flash twice to indicate the original positions have been restored.

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